Business In Sport is creating opportunities for sport and business to come together. Our partnering events are an opportunity for like minded people to meet.

Membership benefits


Members benefit from informative presentations, seminars and participation events all surrounding the medium of sport. Do business with other members and enjoy sporting events. Access to all Business in Sport events – bring guests to each event and can reward staff

Training and staff motivation

Training opportunities for your business with individual sporting clubs. Train and reward staff by applying the sporting philosophies to business. Experience how sporting drive can have a positive impact

Corporate social responsibility

Demonstrate your business meets its corporate social responsibility through social media, our members directory and the Business in Sport magazine. A third of all membership is donated back to grass roots sports.


Members have exclusive access to sponsorship opportunities with individual sporting clubs and athletes. Sponsor events, teams and the stars of the future. Have a say in where the investment is going, which events to host, suggest sports people and initiatives that Business in Sport can invest in.


As a member of Business in Sport, you and your business will become part of the business club that gives back. You’ll help the sports people of the future and do business through the exciting medium of sport

Choose a membership

Business in Sport – Business Member

Sponsorship and affiliate member

Access to all Business in Sport events

Invite guests and reward staff

Invited to become a member of the Business in Sport committee

Members will have a say in where the investment into grass roots sport is made.

Members will have a say in which events to host

Members can suggest sports people and initiatives that Business in Sport can invest in

Sponsorship and presentation opportunities – As a valued member, your business will have the opportunity to sponsor, organise and speak at events throughout the year

A personal introduction to all members

Training days for you and your staff at sports clubs in the South West, keeping your staff fit and healthy whilst motivating them through sporting drive

Organisation of bespoke sporting events for your company – golf days, fishing days etc

Access to the business All additional benefits provided by your founding members, Village Hotel and Metro bank.  These include:

Discounted gym membership for you and your staff at The Village Hotel

Access to meeting rooms in the business area of the Village Hotel, Bristol

Access to the meeting rooms at the Metro Bank, Broadmead Bristol

Event area at the Metro Bank, Broadmead Bristol.

Positive exposure for your company through our connections with local and national media and active social media campaigns

All members will be presented with sponsorship opportunities before non-members.

Access to all members only networking events – do business, share ideas and give back to grass roots sport.

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Business in sport – Sponsorship and affiliate member 

At business in sport, we understand the value of sponsorship and the importance of giving back on both sides of the investment. It is important that a clear goal is set for both parties before any sponsorship is agreed.

Not only do we facilitate trustworthy and meaningful sponsorship for up and coming sports people at a grass roots level, we also have a sponsorship packages designed to position your business as one that is supporting the local community and making a difference to people.

As you know without the support of Business and people willing to invest in the stars and potential stars of the future, they wouldn’t be able to reach their full potential.

Business in sport is a membership-based organisation that brings together leading businesses and business people in the south west who have a shared passion for sport, doing business in their region, keeping their staff fit and healthy and giving back to grass roots sport.

We are not only facilitating business through a shared love for sport, we give business in the South west access to investment and sponsorship opportunities into the business of sport.

Do you want to be seen as a business who helped the next Olympian to achieving Olympic gold?

Our business community facilitates that with an ambition to raise the profile of sport in the South West whilst at the same time giving back to the community. With a portfolio of over 600 up and coming athletes and professional sports people, our members are playing an active role in their success.

We recognise the importance of supporting our community clubs and sporting individuals. Our aim is to assist in the development of quality opportunities for local communities to enjoy sport at every level.

Business in sport organises events that differ and events that make a difference. 

Sponsorship and affiliate membership packages 

Business in Sport – Affiliate member/partnership model – 2 years 
 Become one of the main partners of Business in Sport 

 Your business will have a prominent position on our website, on all printed material and clearly seen at all events. All members from the business and sporting community will know who you are.

Your business will have the opportunity to hold and sponsor events in the South West. These will be under the Business in Sport umbrella but organised by your business. These can be a mixture of participation, networking and presentation events.
Working with the Business in Sport team you will have access to all business and sporting members and can curate the event in line with your interest. 

Our sporting partners and young athletes will often need to work as well. Job opportunities can be offered as part of your support and sponsorship.

As one of the main sponsors you will automatically sit on the committee, therefore being responsible for the allocation of the Business in Sport investment, helping you meet your corporate social responsibility and painting a healthy picture of you in the community. 

Inclusion within the Business in Sport monthly newsletter – A newsletter sent to Business owners within the South West and further afield.

Attendance to all Business in Sport events

We have a limited number of sponsorship packages available – Please register your interest here